Jac o' lyn Murphy: Snacks and the City- Bold Bites in San Francisco

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Snacks and the City- Bold Bites in San Francisco

There is nothing my family loves more than spending the day in San Francisco.
Although we live close, 
it always feels like a getaway and the perfect way to recharge.
We love the breathtaking scenery, vibrant colors, 
classic landmarks and unique neighborhoods.
Everyone has a different favorite spot, so often we zip all over the city.
I have learned from experience that nothing ruins a fun day away like hungry travelers.
Good food feeds good times and that's why I have Foster Farms Bold Bites on hand.
They are a shareable, flavorful, protein packed snack
 that is perfect to grab and go to the Golden Gate!

I don't think it was a coincidence that our first stop and snack are color coordinated!
International Orange is a bold color for a bridge and a bite...

We packed pouches for all of the Painted Ladies,
fittingly vibrant for the historic Victorians...

and some cheerful chicken for the one feeling blue...

Parmesan was perfect for our perch to view the Pyramid ...

We definitely needed extra power to climb up to Coit Tower...

Noble nibbles for our picnic at the Palace...

Not only are Foster Farms Bold Bites perfect for day in the city because they are delicious, quick and convenient, but their chicken grows bountifully and beautifully under the warm California sun.
It is raised responsibly by local farmers. Foster Farms is looking to redefine the snacking standard.  Bold Bites do not include any artificial colors,
flavors, nitrates or nitrites and come in 5 amazing and unique flavors.
They are available in various retailers across the West Coast such as Safeway and Target.
Foster Farms makes it easy to Be Bold Anywhere!

Thank you to Foster Farms for sponsoring this post and elevating snacking in such a delicious and convenient way. 

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