Jac o' lyn Murphy: Easy Valentines from The Grocery Store!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Easy Valentines from The Grocery Store!

Typically Valentine's Day 
is all about flowers and candy to express our love.
Often times life gets in the way and the last minute scramble for a gift,
means exorbitantly priced roses and chocolates.  
Well don't worry, there are lots of amazing, fun and useful things 
you can pick up at the store that will make them laugh and swoon on February 14th.

Sometimes condiments, sauces and spices say it best...

Tell your Valentine that they are special...

Oh SOY do you love them...

and that nothing beats, 
U and MI...

Then head to the candy aisle.
A big tub of licorice is all you need to ask them to Be Vine...

Everyone should be grinning on this day of love, 
and Barry Manilow said it best, 
isn't your Valentine the reason you smile?  
Keep it fresh with a new toothbrush...

It is amazing what switching out a few letters will do!
Whether you love them a "latte" or a "lotto",
 they will appreciate a coffee or a chance to win the big bucks...

and why go out to a restaurant when you can have a 
Ramen-tic dinner at home??

Happy Valentine's Day!

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