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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Father's Day Centerpieces

There is nothing Dad wants more on Father's Day 
than a necktie and a round of golf, right?
Well, roll them both up into centerpieces and he'll be thrilled!

Of course you'll wish him a Happy Father's Day...

and tell him he's #1...

You'll want to honor Grandpa too...

and wether you call him Dad, Daddy or Pops, 
you'll be covered.

To make the golf centerpieces, 
you can adhere these Father's Day stickers to flags and tie to dowels.
Then place in potted wheat grass or your favorite arrangement.

The tie centerpiece is simply an inexpensive boy's clip on tie,
 with a dowel placed in the knot on the back and nestled into potted rosemary.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DIY Summer Confetti Wine Glasses

Ahh, Memorial Day,
the unofficial start of summer.
We are getting ready for the long weekend in
simple red, white and blue style...

We will be using our confetti stemless wine glasses all summer long.
You will not believe how easy they are to make...

The only supplies are
glassware, acrylic paint from the craft store and cotton swabs

dab the swabs into your paint...

and dot onto your glass until you have your favorite festive pattern...

allow to dry...

and bake...

They are the perfect way to jazz up your summer bbq or
give as a hostess gift with a beautiful bottle of wine.
Cheers to the long weekend and a colorful summer!

How to make Confetti Wine Glasses

glassware you would like to paint (stemless, as used here are inexpensively found at dollar stores and big box retailers)
acrylic paint (from craft store)
cotton swabs
parchment paper
baking sheet

Apply small dollops of paints you would like to use onto a paper plate or painter's palette and place cleaned glassware upside down onto a covered surface.  Dip cotton swab into first color and dab onto glass to begin your confetti pattern.  For best results, do one color at a time, allowing to dry about 10 minutes before next color layer.  Once you have your desired pattern finished let glassware dry at least an hour and then place on parchment paper lined baking sheet.  Place baking sheet in a cold oven, then bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. After baking turn oven off and allow to cool at least an hour before removing.

These confetti glasses are durable, but hand washing and gently drying are recommended.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer Chips and Dip

Nothing says easy Summer entertaining like chips and dip.
I've got 2 simple ways to make this convenient,
 crowd-pleasing appetizer even more fun!

Who wouldn't want to dive into an ocean of blue corn chips and spinach dip?
Perfect for days at the beach, by the pool or a movie night watching Free Willy.

It guarantees a whale of a good time...

Serving up Stars and Stripes for all the upcoming patriotic holidays is a cinch.
Wave hello to onion dip topped with a tomato star,
 nestled with red and blue chips.

Just keep your Eye on the Grand Old Flag,
these will be gobbled up in minutes!

Thank you to Food Should Taste Good for supplying me with your fabulous chips.  Find out more about the Blue Corn and Jalapeno chips I used here.

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