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Friday, April 17, 2015

Graduation Party on Broadway!

Start spreading the news!
Kate is graduating and hitting The Big Apple...

This small town girl is heading to college in New York 
and hoping to pursue her dreams of staring on the Great White Way.

A show-stopping graduation party is in the works.

Broadway Playbill Centerpieces...

A fabulous Popcorn Bar...

and Broadway Favor Bags

to celebrate her taking the city by storm...
and the  day we'll be seeing her name in lights!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kentucky Derby Centerpieces

The perfect centerpiece to epitomize 
The Kentucky Derby?
Why, Mint Tulips, of course!

Vibrant mint mixed with stunning through breads tulips ...

perfectly jockeyed on a bit of crisp seersucker...

but for me it's neck and neck -
Are mint tulips best served
in a traditional mint julep cup or a horse rocks glass?

I guess it'll be a photo finish...

I can't get enough of fun flowers!


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pinata Cupcakes

It is time to Fiesta!
Get the party started with
Piñata Cupcakes...

Your favorite frosted cupcakes and fruit roll-ups are all you need...

Just snip colorful roll-ups with kitchen scissors to create your piñata covering fringe,
 and apply to freshly iced cakes...

and to make traditional "donkey" piñata cakes, 
run over to Ikea and get these great pans
(it comes in a set - one large and one small)


and they are perfect with Maraca-rons!

Mucho Cinco de Mayo ideas on Pinterest:

bloomdesigns shabbynest
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