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Monday, April 24, 2017

Chocolate Waffles 3 ways

The days are getting longer and it seems to be getting
harder and harder to get my kids out of bed in the morning!
Today I will be tempting them with quick, easy 
and amazingly delicious chocolate waffles to start their day...
Chocolate Waffles 3 ways ~ www.jacolynmurphy.com

Warm waffles are smothered with our favorite Soom Chocolate Sesame Spread.
It is so rich and creamy with a touch of sesame nuttiness that pairs well with everything.
These are topped with roasted peanuts, tangy kiwi and sweet coconut...
I wonder who will get out of bed first?
 Chocolate Waffles 3 ways ~ www.jacolynmurphy.com

The spread has half the sugar of most chocolate spreads, 
it's high in protein, low in carbs and rich in Omega 3 &6's.
The company is women owned too...
 Chocolate Waffles 3 ways ~ www.jacolynmurphy.com

Good morning indeed!
 Chocolate Waffles 3 ways ~ www.jacolynmurphy.com

I received the Soom Chocolate Sesame Spread as part of the Mary's Secret Ingredients Spring Seasonal Box subscriptionFour times a year they personally curate an innovative gluten free, vegan, non gmo, and health conscious box full of unique brands. 
It is such a fun way to try new products, many of which are from small businesses.

Additionally they have partnered with Feed The Children to donate a portion of their profits. 
They believe no one should go hungry.

You can try Mary's Secret Ingredients Boxes and get 20% off with the discount code TRYMSI at maryssecretingredients.com or use SoomMSI10 at Soomfoods.com for 20% off there.

Thank you to Mary's Secret Ingredients for sending me your Spring Box!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Earth Day Gifts - c-LOVE-r your Mother

Call me a hippy but there are lots of things I love about Earth Day.
Honoring our habitat, raising awareness,  enjoying the outdoors.
We always celebrate by giving small plants to our friends and neighbors 
and this year they had some extra cLOVEr...

Fresh oregano looks like a goddess in a container of classic Clover Greek Yogurt...

a peachy rose bush made a pit stop in the perfect place...

and a strawberry plant was berry happy in its new abode...

Enjoy the day and don't forget to
cLOVEr you Mother (Earth)

Thank you to Clover for supplying the yogurt for this post! It was happily eaten before containers were recycled.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

80s Party Cupcakes

Eclectic, colorful, unique and totally rad, 
the 1980s had it all.
The music instantly takes you back to those awesome days.
You are definitely going to "want to dance with somebody" 
with these 80s album cover cupcakes...
80s Party Cupcakes

some are thrillers...
80s Party Cupcakes

others are wondering if, it's me your looking for...
80s Party Cupcakes

Rio is there...
80s Party Cupcakes

 but which ever you choose, you'll want to eat them now, 
not save them for later...
80s Party Cupcakes

and always remember to wake me up before you go go...
80s Party Cupcakes

because cupcakes this fun are like a vacation.
(it's all I ever wanted...)
80s Party Cupcakes

The time machine is ready, 
toppers are available in my Etsy Shop.

80s Party Cupcakes

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