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Friday, November 27, 2015

Easy Gift Giving #shopsmall - Small Business Saturday

It's Saturday - 
Think Small, Shop Small!

Small Shops are unique, convenient, friendly, appreciative.

Many of the things I post about are available in my Etsy Shop.
Come take a look today or anytime, I'm always open.

Black Fry Day - Enjoy today with Black Truffle Fries

After yesterday's gluttony and the prospect of heading out today for all the best deals, 
I thought I would combine with two...
I have proclaimed this 
Black Fry Day...

My husband makes the best homemade, fresh fries, 
so when I whip them up I like the convenience of good frozen potatoes
(usually Alexia or Trader Joes).
Drizzled, then tossed with a touch of truffle oil then
 baked on parchment per package instructions...

dusted with your favorite truffle salt...

then topped with chopped italian parsley...

The perfect indulgence,
you deserve it after all that bargain hunting!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Love

I LOVE Thanksgiving!
Best wishes everyone...

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