Jac o' lyn Murphy: The best holiday gifts from Trader Joe's

Friday, December 7, 2018

The best holiday gifts from Trader Joe's

I love Trader Joe's for so many reasons.
It started in my hometown, 
I can rely on them for quick easy dinners, 
they always have free samples,
their products are one of a kind and
it is inexpensive.
This year it is also a treasure trove of fun gifts for everyone on my list!

Bread and Butter Hostess Gift

There is nothing better than fresh bread and creamy butter.
These 3 unique flavored spreads, 
paired with a fresh baguette is a comforting gift your host can enjoy the next day.

Hi Ho Cherry O

Cherries are cheery, colorful and crucial to have on hand to garnish drinks and desserts.

They are a great gift and paired with a festive toothpick holder, it's 
the "cherry on top"!

No Bake Gingerbread

There is nothing like the holiday smell of fresh baked gingerbread.
Give them a Trader Joe's candle and cute gingerbread men 
and you've all of the elements without any of the work!

Blue Cheese Burgers

Give that fast food lover the 1st class treatment!
This wonderful spread elevates any hot dog or burger 
and this elegant ornament spruces up any tree...

Ring around the Rosemary

Definitely a present they will go nuts for!

Top this amazing nut mix with a fresh rosemary wreath. 
It instantly decks the halls and gives them something to enjoy while they conspire by the fire.

Make it a Blue Blue Christmas

Blueberries and Acai are all the rage to eat and to scrub on your skin.
It'll give them the instant holiday glow!

There is a reason Ho, Ho, Ho rhymes with Trader Joe, Joe, Joe!

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