Jac o' lyn Murphy: All the Creatures were Stirring...Holiday Cocktails

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

All the Creatures were Stirring...Holiday Cocktails

The holidays are here and I am ready to stir it up!
I am giving 2 festive cocktails a whirl this Christmas.

Jolly Jelly Cocktail

When enjoying a cocktail, I tend to be a creature of habit.
Typically I will have the old standby, a vodka soda.
With one spin of spoon, I've transformed the old standby 
into something as jolly as a bowlful of jelly...

I definitely think it would make Santa laugh and stay for a sip...

I prepared the standard vodka, soda and crushed ice...

and swirled in a dollop of raspberry jam.
I may preserve this recipe all through the winter!

Hot Buttered Rum, Pa, Rum, Rum

When there is a chill in the air, 
you long for something warm in your mug...

I've drummed up the easiest, Hot Buttered Rum.
It is one of the finest gifts to bring to the Christmas Cocktail menu!

I've taken my favorite recipe and made it even easier...

Fill your cup with one shot of rum and very hot water...

then stir in my secret ingredient...

the magical Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Butter from Trader Joe's...


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