Jac o' lyn Murphy: Home-made Holiday Chocolate Bark

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Home-made Holiday Chocolate Bark

There is nothing like homemade for the holidays.
Treats created for family and friends is so special and personal.
This year our chocolate bark is going to bring joy with each bite!

One of the best things about chocolate bark is that is is so customizable.
You can add in crushed candy canes, freeze dried berries, nuts, toffee, espresso bits...
anything and everything tastes great covered in chocolate, right?

And just to drive home the fact that the gift is from our house to yours, 
we are giving it in mini tin dwellings.
My favorite recipe is from my friends at Organization and Relocation.
Not only do they keep me inspired to be clutter free and make my household beautifully serene, 
their founder's legendary bark is a holiday party must.

Home Sweet Home indeed!

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