Jac o' lyn Murphy: 5 Fun Tailgate Ideas

Friday, October 7, 2016

5 Fun Tailgate Ideas

Tailgating is my favorite thing to do in the Fall.
Here are 5 fun ways to make it a touchdown.

1. Kick it off with a cheerful invitation

2, Pass out lots of Festive Food
Pigskin BLTs and Turf Veggie Sandwiches...

along with Puntcakes for dessert...
(recipes and diys here)

3. Don't get a penalty, make sure you've got party favors like face masks
(all the details here)

Die hard fans love everything about their team.  
This tailgate plays homage to the school fight song...

and the food was based on a beloved coach, a favorite restaurant and the team mascot...
Go Buffs!

Football's not the only game in town, 
jumbo sized classics are perfect to play as you celebrate before the first pass is thrown.


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