Jac o' lyn Murphy: Oh Christmas Cheese!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Oh Christmas Cheese!

Cheese platters are a crowd pleaser, 
cheese platters are easy, 
cheese platters are delicious, 
cheese platters should never be boring!

I keep lots of cheese on hand during the holidays. 
It seems like someone is always stopping by 
or we need to bring something over to a friend's house.
Turning Christmas Cheese into Christmas Trees,
is my favorite way to make it Merry and Bright...

A flat wooden tree, topped with rosemary and battery operated led lights are all you need.
(I got the tree at Michael's last year, 
but you could also make a tree pattern out of the rosemary sprigs on a flat tray to lay the cheese on)
Once you deck the boughs...

add the cheese.
I decorated with Brie....

triple cream...

and manchego...

Rocking around the Christmas Tree, 
never tasted so good!

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