Jac o' lyn Murphy: Goody, Goody... 5 fun things to do with Gumdrops

Monday, December 11, 2017

Goody, Goody... 5 fun things to do with Gumdrops

Gumdrops just make me happy.
They are bright, colorful and festive any time of year.
They are also one of the most versatile of all the goodies in candyland.
Here are some of my favorite ways to use them...

Yellow gumdrops with a sprig of rosemary make instantly festive pineapples.
Much more convenient than a trip to Hawaii!

Gnome matter how hard I try, 
I can not resist these legendary garden creatures...

A scoop of ice cream, sugar cone and strategically place gumdrops, 
turn an ordinary desert into a magical treat!
(I use Clover Sonoma Sweet Cream, 
not only is it the perfect color but I think it makes the perfect scoop.)

The word drop often has a negative connotation, 
"I dropped my phone", "She dropped the ball", etc.
But if you put the word after lemon or gum it makes everyone smile.
Why not combine the two into a happy hour crowd pleaser?

I shake together:
2 oz chilled vodka, 1/2 oz Triple Sec, 1 oz simple syrup and juice of half lemon
Garnish with floating slice of lemon and skewered yellow gum drops.
I make sure the gumdrops rest on top of the liquid,
 so the sugar from the candy dissolves into the cocktail!

Upgrade the gingerbread man's house to a sweet and colorful abode...

Nestle him in an acrylic house full of gumdrops 
and he'll have the most festive place on the block.

Lastly, gumdrops make the perfect wreath.

They are ideal for decorating cupcakes, cookies or simply on a plate...

Sweet holiday wishes!

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