Jac o' lyn Murphy: Sage on Stage! 5 fun ways to use Fall's Favorite Herb

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sage on Stage! 5 fun ways to use Fall's Favorite Herb

It's that time of year when sage has it's moment on stage.
It seems to be forgotten most of the year but I think sage is all the rage
and I've got 5 unique ways to use it...

 1. Floral Arrangements

I think sage is one of the prettiest herbs.
It's lush green leaves and a slightly fuzzy texture 
add a lovely, whimsical touch to holiday centerpieces. 
 I love pairing it with chamomile flowers for some casual, rustic charm...

and it is a great hostess gift.

2. Soup Topper

Fried sage makes an amazing soup topper.  
Place leaves in a small skillet with hot olive oil, flip after a few seconds then remove, 
place on paper towel and sprinkle with course salt....

The floating foliage if flavorful and fun...

3. Beautiful Biscuits

Give your biscuits a vibrant accessory for the season.
A touch of sage might upstage the rest of the meal...

Before baking store bought biscuits, 
top with butter...

place a leaf on top...

and just out of the oven, they are a work of art!

4. Garlic Sage Buttered Popcorn

Holiday movie night will never be the same after you serve this savory snack.

Melt a stick of butter over medium heat, 
add a grated clove of garlic and 1/4 cup of finely chopped sage leaves.  
Stir to combine and cook about 30 seconds.
Pour over a big bowl of popped corn, toss to coat and enjoy the show...

5. Turkey Feathers

It's no coincidence that sage leaves also make the best turkey feathers...

Instantly turn sausage and waffles into the ultimate Thanksgiving breakfast sensation...
Turkey and Waffles.

Don't be afraid to engage with sage!

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