Jac o' lyn Murphy: What's for lunch? Caprese Soup!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What's for lunch? Caprese Soup!

Caprese Salad is a staple around here.
The tomato and basil plants my son has in our garden are all overflowing 
and it seems to be a side dish multiple times a week.

Today for lunch I thought I would give my basil, tomatoes and mozzerella
 a little heat and turn it into soup.
Introducing the Caprese Soup...

I filled my bowl with halved cherry tomatoes...

a handful of bocconcini mozzarella that I bought marinated in oil, herbs and vinegar...

I grabbed the basil and threw in about 7 leaves...

then poured in pipping hot vegetable stock...

and topped with rustic, crispy croutons.

It's amazing that all the same ingredients 
can taste so different in a soup.
It is light and fresh yet filling and satisfying.

and oh boy, when than cheese melts...

It is mmmm good!

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