Jac o' lyn Murphy: Breakfast in Box - College Care Package

Friday, September 22, 2017

Breakfast in Box - College Care Package

Of course, college has been an adjustment for my daughter.
New environment, new friends, no car, no 24 hour kitchen...
One of the things she misses from home is breakfast.
She doesn't always make it to the cafeteria in time to get a morning meal 
so her latest care package is-
Breakfast in Box!

A gift full of some of her favorite things 
that she can enjoy in her room and will brighten her day...

Grandma Murphy's Coffee Cake, as always, steals the show.
It is a staple at any holiday we celebrate, hostess gift we give, brunch we host.
You can find the details and recipe here.

There is not always fresh fruit readily available in the dorm.
My "California girl" longs for oranges!
Can't you see the "a-peel" in having a bowl in your dorm room?

The Dunkin Donuts in her college town is over 2 miles away so,
bottled brew will have to do...

French Toast and tea are 2 of her to go indulgences at home.
David's Tea combines them both into an amazing cup of joy...

Every girl likes new cozy pajamas, hopefully these will sweeten her dreams.

They always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
I think it is the best gift too!

Do you think she will notice that a few slices of cake didn't make it in the package?

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