Jac o' lyn Murphy: Chocolate Waffles 3 ways

Monday, April 24, 2017

Chocolate Waffles 3 ways

The days are getting longer and it seems to be getting
harder and harder to get my kids out of bed in the morning!
Today I will be tempting them with quick, easy 
and amazingly delicious chocolate waffles to start their day...
Chocolate Waffles 3 ways ~ www.jacolynmurphy.com

Warm waffles are smothered with our favorite Soom Chocolate Sesame Spread.
It is so rich and creamy with a touch of sesame nuttiness that pairs well with everything.
These are topped with roasted peanuts, tangy kiwi and sweet coconut...
I wonder who will get out of bed first?
 Chocolate Waffles 3 ways ~ www.jacolynmurphy.com

The spread has half the sugar of most chocolate spreads, 
it's high in protein, low in carbs and rich in Omega 3 &6's.
The company is women owned too...
 Chocolate Waffles 3 ways ~ www.jacolynmurphy.com

Good morning indeed!
 Chocolate Waffles 3 ways ~ www.jacolynmurphy.com

I received the Soom Chocolate Sesame Spread as part of the Mary's Secret Ingredients Spring Seasonal Box subscriptionFour times a year they personally curate an innovative gluten free, vegan, non gmo, and health conscious box full of unique brands. 
It is such a fun way to try new products, many of which are from small businesses.

Additionally they have partnered with Feed The Children to donate a portion of their profits. 
They believe no one should go hungry.

You can try Mary's Secret Ingredients Boxes and get 20% off with the discount code TRYMSI at maryssecretingredients.com or use SoomMSI10 at Soomfoods.com for 20% off there.

Thank you to Mary's Secret Ingredients for sending me your Spring Box!

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