Jac o' lyn Murphy: Lucky Farms - St. Patrick's Day Crudité

Friday, March 10, 2017

Lucky Farms - St. Patrick's Day Crudité

It's always a good day at the Farmers' Market but around St. Patrick's Day, 
it's all about the Luck of the Irish.
So many shades of green and so much bright, fresh produce that I'm calling it, 
Lucky Farms and putting together a St. Patrick's Day Crudité.

 I gathered bunches of green goodness like
Av o' cados...

Celtic Cucumber...

Shades of Shamrock Sugar Snap Peas...

 Rainbow Chard...

and of course, the customary cabbage...

I started this emerald endeavour with sliced avocado,
 a touch of fresh squeezed lime...

then topped with Everything Seasoning.
It is bursting with flavor and character, 
just like many irishmen I know.

Spiralizing veggies makes anything cooler and more fun to eat, 
and it's not blarney that it tastes better too.
Cucumbers and zucchini have never looked better...

A wee bit of spicy red pepper flakes and olive oil 
added to sugar snap peas will have you ready to do the jig.

We are all looking for rainbows on St. Patrick's Day.
Swiss Chard stems add just a punch of color...

and crunch when the leaves are made into Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips...

A day celebrating the Irish isn't complete without a touch of cabbage...

Our's is front and center,
 filled with Toby's Ranch Dip

So try the Lucky Farms, 
they're magically delicious!

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