Jac o' lyn Murphy: Do you want to grow a rainbow? St. Patrick's Day Gifts

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Do you want to grow a rainbow? St. Patrick's Day Gifts

This St. Patrick's Day we're taking Rainbows to a new level.
Not only are we making them, we are growing them.
It takes just minutes to make these festive gifts that will last for months...
Play-Doh Rainbows that lead you to a Pot 'O Veggies!

All you need are:
an assortment of Play-doh containers
(I used the mini ones from a starter pack of 8)
potting soil
colorful seed packets

Select 4 colors and roll into thin strips...

Using the Play-Doh lid as a size guide, 
mold the rolled strips into a rainbow shape...

and trim the edges.

Poke a few holes on the bottom of your Play-Doh container for drainage,
 and fill with potting soil

then place your Play-Doh Rainbow on top of the soil.

Pair with your favorite seed packet...

and they are a leprechaun approved St. Patrick's Day gift.

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