Jac o' lyn Murphy: jumbo party poppies

Thursday, August 18, 2016

jumbo party poppies

Every party needs a poppy, 
and this bridal shower is no exception.
Festive jumbo poppies will add just the perfect pop of color to this sunny, outdoor soiree.

I made a bunch of them in just a few minutes.
So easy, so fun, so happy!
For each flower I used:
5 sheets of orange 20"x 20" tissue paper
5 sheets of yellow 20" x 20" tissue paper
2 sheets of white 20" x 20" tissue paper
2 strands of raffia

First, for the center of the poppy, 
crumple up one sheet of white paper into a ball and cover with the other sheet, 
then tie with raffia.
(it'll look like a ghost)

Set white center aside, and fold your stack of 5 orange sheets in half width-wise 
and cut the top right corner so the top of your petal will be rounded

For your first petal, 
lay out 1 sheet of orange and place 1 yellow sheet on top about half-way down...

Crumple together about 2" up from the bottom of the orange paper, 
then set this aside and do the same for the next 4 petals...

Grab your white creation for the center, 
then while holding in your hand, gather the petals around it, fluffing as you go...

Lastly, tie with raffia underneath, ensuring the orange and yellow tissue papers are all secure.
We are using our poppies for a photo backdrop, so I left the paper long underneath 
(kind of like a stem) so we could secure it with wire to a tree...

And ta-da... the poppies are ready to party.

A California native and an orange lover, 
the bride picked poppies for her invitations as well...

After cultivating this bumper crop, I started planting the seeds for the menu cards.
Needless to say, they left me drooling...

and a Peach Bellini is calling my name!



  1. These are fabulous! I may need to make a few for my farm stand!

    1. Absolutely, that would be adorable! Send me a pic...

  2. Goodness, you make this look easy. Mine would look like a monkey made them. No, wait that is insulting to a monkey!

    1. Ha! It really is easy Kay, show those monkeys how it is done...


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