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Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Movie Night

Family Holiday Movie Night 
is something we look forward to every year.
We clear one night from our busy schedules, cuddle up in front of the television
 and binge watch all of our favorites.

I always make a simple dinner and treats to compliment our movie selections.
This year menu was:
 Roast "Beast" sliders with Grinch approved au jus to dip them in.
I love the line from the last scene, 
"Well, in Whoville they say - that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day. 
And then .... the feast. 
And he, he himself, the Grinch - carved the roast beast."
Family Christmas Movie Night with Grinch Themed Dinner | www.jacolynmurphy.com

and I just cannot resist that Cindy Lou Who...
Family Christmas Movie Night with Grinch Themed Dinner - Roast Beast Sandwiches | www.jacolynmurphy.com

Movie Poster Topped Cupcakes...
Family Christmas Movie Night - A Charlie Brown Christmas Cupcakes | www.jacolynmurphy.com

and Polar Express Punch which is 
Blue Raspberry Gatorade and Sparkling Water with a giant ball ice cube.
That should do the trick keeping it cold for our movie marathon!
Family Christmas Movie Night with Polar Express Punch | www.jacolynmurphy.com

Our family party was even more of a treat this year since we made the switch to the 
X1 System from  Xfinity.
It was like Christmas came early.
It really has changed the way we experience TV day to day.
It is intuitive, sleek and so easy to use - I feel like it just gets me.
The voice activation is my new best friend, 
you simply press a button, talk into the remote and find almost any show.
There is so much more DVR storage and you can record up to SIX shows at one time.
Our entire family can record what they need to and 
watch it whenever they would like from any of our tvs.
My husband and son are addicted to the Sports App, while watching one show you simple press the button and all of the sports scores come up on the side of the screen.
I even forgave them for accessing the App during It's a Wonderful Life, 
they had to check the Warriors score after all!
How to make Christmas Holiday Movie Night so much easier!

I had the pleasure of going to the Palo Alto Xfinity Store 
for a little holiday cheer last weekend.
It was an amazing event in their modern, exceptionally comfortable and welcoming store.
The fabulous staff demonstrated all of the attributes of the X1 system in a jolly backdrop of 
cookies, cocoa,  Open for Christmas on Hallmark Channel playing and I even got party favors!

They showed me great ways to access holiday programming for our movie night either by using the voice activation by simply saying "Christmas Movies" or using the type-in Search Option.  
As you start typing, it actually tries to guess what you are looking for based on your watch history.  
It pinpointed exactly what I was looking for after only typing in a few letters - 
Family Christmas Movie Night | www.jacolynmurphy.com

The staff was so friendly, the couches were so comfy and the cookies were so delicious, 
I could have stayed all day!
Family Christmas Movie Night | www.jacolynmurphy.com

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