Jac o' lyn Murphy: Happy Olive-days! Festive Party Veggies

Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Olive-days! Festive Party Veggies

This post has been sponsored by California Black Olives. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

There is nothing like entertaining during the holidays.
Planned parties, friends dropping by, special family dinners...
I've always got vegetables on hand just in case we need to whip up a quick appetizer,
 but do you want to know a secret?
I wouldn't think of serving them without
"Olive" the other veggies best friend -
Not only are they a delicious crowd pleaser, 
they just make everything more yummy and fun.
Festive Holiday Veggie Display | www.jacolynmurphy.com

Open a can of black olives and the creativity is endless.
They easily turn simple sugar snap peas into a jolly olive wreath...
Snap Pea and Olive Wreath - Festive Veggie Display for Christmas | www.jacolynmurphy.com

They instantly transform ranch or blue cheese dip and carrots into snowmen...
Snowman Veggie Cups - Festive Holiday Appetizers for Kids | www.jacolynmurphy.com

Snowman Veggie Cups - Ranch Dressing, Olive Eyes and a Carrot Nose | www.jacolynmurphy.com

They sprout a forest of evergreen elegance...
Festive Appetizers with California Ripe Olives | www.jacolynmurphy.com

with sprigs of rosemary...
Olive Christmas Tree Appetizers - Topped with Rosemary and stuffed with Manchego Cheese | www.jacolynmurphy.com

then stuffed with Manchego Cheese
(also fabulous with blue cheese or even string cheese!)
It is so much fun to pick them up with the "tree",
 and pop just the cheese-stuffed California Ripe Olive into your mouth,
discarding the rosemary.
Festive and Easy Holiday Appetizers - Cheese Stuffed Olives www.jacolynmurphy.com

And no holiday gathering is complete until the reindeer arrive.
Black olives with pretzel antlers for Santa's crew...
Olive Reindeer - Fun Christmas Appetizers with pretzel antlers | www.jacolynmurphy.com

with a red pepper nose for Rudolf...
Olive the other Reindeer! Fun holiday vegetable ideas | www.jacolynmurphy.com

Here's to very Happy Olive-days!
Fun Christmas Veggie Trays | www.jacolynmurphy.com

California Ripe Olives are the perfect party accessory all year long.
They are ready to kick off 2016 with a
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and awesome illustrations.
I've been printing them out by the truckload for stocking stuffers, gifts and
to have a fun activity ready to roll over the long school break.

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  1. LOVE what you did with all the olives. The olive California forest is so cute and those reindeer are adorbs!


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