Jac o' lyn Murphy: Daisy Bracelet DIY - Festive for the Festival

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Daisy Bracelet DIY - Festive for the Festival

We are going to our first music festival of the summer and 
I wanted to add a little Flower Power...

All you need are freshly cut daisies with at least 2 inches of stem, 
a bangle bracelet (mine is from the craft store jewelry supply section) and washi tape 
(or floral tape but I had washi on hand)

Attach your first daisy with tape...

then the next...

go about half way around your bracelet, 
then start on the other side...

snip any long stems where the rows of daisies meet, 

and then cover with more tape -
and that's it!

Put that baby on and get ready for some summer fun...

Obviously a fresh daisy bracelet will not have a very long "life", 
but enjoy the beauty while it lasts and you can try to preserve by putting in the refrigerator.

Or make one that is just as cute with faux flowers using the same method!

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