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Monday, October 13, 2014

Quest for the Perfect Ponytail - DIY Hair Ties

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Currently, my daughter's two obsessions are
Volleyball and Hair.
The two go hand in hand...

If you've been to a girls' volleyball game lately, 
you know every girl has long hair and it is prettily pulled back into a perfect ponytail.

Well, I see it all as an opportunity to put our own "twist" on hair haute couture.
Hair elastics are so easy and completely addictive to make.

I cut fun elastic from the fabric/craft store approximately 8.5 to 9 inches long
(depending on thickness of hair and 
how many times you like to twist around ponytail, 
you may want to alter the length)

form a loop and tie the ends together into a knot...

then tighten...
and you are ready to wear.
There are so many patterns available, you can make one for every and any occasion.

But a perfect hairstyle is only as good as 
the brushes behind the scenes.
are really the most amazing products I have purchased in a long time. 
In my never ending quest for straight and shiny hair, 
I can't believe I finally have a brush that makes me happy!
The bristles have microfiber in-between them 
and your hair goes from soaking wet, to styled in minutes.

And one of the keys to the perfect pony is tangle free hair.
The Goody TangleFix gently removes any knots you might get on the court or during the day.
Tangles don't stand a chance against the super flexible bristles that work with your hair, not against it.

Now with new brushes and hair elastics, 
my daughter is prepared for practice...

and glamorous for game day...
(in school colors of course - Go Bears!)

I purchased  these Goody brushes at Walgreens 
(they also have a as Quikstyle Round Brush) and 
from September 28, 2014 to November 1, 2014, 
they are Buy One Get One Free with a Walgreens Balance Rewards Card, 
while supplies last.   
If you are not a member you can sign up in store for free.

Santa's Elves are going to have a lot less work to do this year...
lots of Murphy Family stockings will be filled with new Goody Brushes!

Get out there and have a Good(y) Hair Day!

For more information on Goody Products follow them on 

Thank you for your support as I continue to work with fabulous sponsors 
to keep creating for Jaco'lyn Murphy Designs.

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