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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You've been Served - Team Snack on the go

Bringing the team snack is a thankless job.
When it is my turn, 
I have to resort to my love of fun packaging or I just might die of boredom.

My daughter's volleyball team has a lot of away games and after a long day at school, 
then a car ride to the game, I wanted to create something easy for the girls to eat on the road.

A healthy variety of portable individual food.
Peanut butter, hummus, veggies, apples and pretzels -
and a little something sweet to get them in the spirit...

I mean, when your mascot is a bear and your colors are red and yellow, 
you've got to have a few gummy bears, right?

Just let me know if anyone is in the market for the green ones!

Go Bears!

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