Jac o' lyn Murphy: Pretty, Pink Poolside Punch

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pretty, Pink Poolside Punch

I made my Sweet'N Low Pretty Pink Poolside Punch as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SweetNLowStars

In honor of my "back to school denial" 
I decided to whip up some 
Pretty Pink Poolside Punch 
to enjoy as we dip into the last days of Summer.

This drink recipe is so easy to make and 
a guilt free indulgence you will feel good about sipping in your bikini!

Scoops of Raspberry Sherbet...

topped with ice cold sparkling water...

livened up with lime juice...

sweetened up with Sweet'N Low...

and frozen blueberries for a touch of floating fruity fun...

Mix it all up and dive in!

We made enough for a whole crew of swimmers...

Our Pretty Pink Poolside Punch
To fill a 1.6 gallon container:
mix together
8 scoops raspberry sherbet
3 1.25 liters of sparkling water
juice of 3 limes
6 packets Sweet N' Low
juice of 3 limes
12 oz bag frozen blueberries

For more great drink ideas,
check out the Sweet'N Low Facebook Page

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to be able to keep creating for Jaco'lyn Murphy Designs.

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