Jac o' lyn Murphy: If you want to be my Valentine, just whistle

Monday, February 3, 2014

If you want to be my Valentine, just whistle

One of the easiest "clients" I have had in a long time, is my 4 year old nephew.
During our "meeting" to design his Valentines for preschool,
it was all about TRAINS...

and these are what he choose...

Pre-school humor never gets old...

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  1. Your nephew's friends' parents may get revenge by giving noisy gifts back! I remember our daughter receiving a wooden train whistle from my boss, who I thought was my friend until we had 20 minutes of train whistle blowing.

    My mom gave us one of those "popcorn" lawnmower push toys for her first grandchild. When my sister-in-law and sisters got pregnant, I sent them popcorn lawnmowers; I figured if we had to go crazy listening to the popping, we'd share the wealth!!!

    1. Ha! That is the joy of doing it for my nephew, it is now my brother-in-law who will get the wrath from the other parents :)


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