Jac o' lyn Murphy: What they'll eat when I'm at ALT...dinners for the family

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What they'll eat when I'm at ALT...dinners for the family

Next week I will be heading to Salt Lake City for 
There will be fabulous speakers 
(the founders of Pinterest and Christy Turlington are just a few) 
and more parties than I can count. 
I'll have the chance to meet bloggers I have stalked for years, network, make new friends 
and soak up all the creativity in the air.

I am excited beyond belief and
 I have been talking about it incessantly to my family.
They are happy for me, but can't wait for me to stop obsessing over making business cards, 
planning outfits, waiting by the computer to sign up for sponsor dinners and talking about alt, alt, alt...

I just finished planning dinners for them while I am away.
My husband is a chef and perfectly capable of making dinner, 
but with school and sports, 
I thought having everything purchased and ready to cook would help.

Everything is easier for me if I have a theme so,
I couldn't resist exalting alt in every dish.
My mealtime plan is
quick, easy and the perfect alternative for when mom is away.

Wednesday Night...

Simple Chicken Saltimbocca recipe from Williams-Sonoma
My Friend Chris's Caesar Salad

Thursday Night...

Our favorite milkshake of the moment is:
blended with whole milk then topped with whipped cream and a few malt balls.

My slow cooker Chicken Verde couldn't be easier or more delicious.
Place 5 to 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and 28oz can of Green Chili Enchilada Sauce 
(I like La Palma) 
in your slow cooker for about 5 hours, 
shred the meat with 2 forks and serve with your favorite taco accompaniments.

I figure by Friday,
I shouldn't be the only one out having fun...

they are going to hit the town!
so many choices, I hope they can make a decision
(oh, what do I care? I'll be at alt!)

So sorry, 
I couldn't falter with all the alt references, 
there is a wealth of them out there and it is all I can think about!

I will be chronicling all the fun next week on Instagram.

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  1. I wouldn't alter a thing! :) Your biggest fan in Salt Lake can't wait to meet you at alt!

  2. So jealous I can't go! Have a wonderful time! I must try your crockpot chicken recipe!

  3. Just love your milkshake and taco idea and would love you to link it up to my party! http://partypatisserie.com/2014/01/link-party/

  4. Oh it all looks and sounds so delish! Especially the tacos! But my family will have to fend for themselves with a stocked fridge/pantry and all the clean laundry they could want. ha! Looking forward to the alt slc trip next week! Hope to meet you there!
    Cheers to you and yours,
    Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio

  5. My jaw just hit the table. You're super incredible and thoughtful to your family to do all of these while you were away at ALT. I absolutely loved it and you're so incredibly clever!!! Total inspiration!!!


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