Jac o' lyn Murphy: Cookie Butter-ed Popcorn

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cookie Butter-ed Popcorn

Oh Trader Joe's, 
you never cease to amaze me!

You couldn't stop with your infamous Cookie Butter, 
you had to add chocolate...

After devouring it by the spoonful, 
I decided to see how it melted...

 and poured...

and drizzled...

over freshly popped popcorn...

Well, it worked fabulously...

and with a glass of milk,
it is heaven!

Cookie Butter-ed Popcorn

Melt about 1 cup of Chocolate Swirl Cookie Butter 
in the microwave
(ours took less than a minute)
Drizzle over 5 cups popped popcorn and stir until coated
Spread onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet and 
let set a few minutes

(you may still get a little cookie butter on your fingers 
but I don't think you will mind)

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  1. Looks so good! Package it up and give as gifts...yum!

  2. Holy cow, this is brilliant! I am loving your popcorn recipes and am totally making this cookie butter treat this weekend! Isn't cookie butter the best? I just made a cookie butter pie and am still dreaming about it :)

  3. This would make a perfect snack for watching a good movie or football game. Thanks for sharing this great tip.


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