Jac o' lyn Murphy: How to Print and Enjoy Instagram Photos (and fun ways to use your prints)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Print and Enjoy Instagram Photos (and fun ways to use your prints)

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I love Instagram and I love Walgreens.

To be able to print my Instagram Photos, 
from my phone, 
with a few quick clicks on the Walgreens Mobile App ,
and pick them up within an hour...
it's a dream!

I love Instagram because it is 
Visual and Simple.

I love the Walgreens Mobile App because it is
Visual and Simple...

Click on the photos you would like printed at the
Walgreen Photo Lab of your choice,
 and within an hour they are ready to pick up.
(really, I got an email 15 minutes later to tell me they were ready)

For some reason Instagram photos are just more fun to me.
Maybe it is because they are a little "slice of life", 
maybe it is the cool filters you can use, maybe it is the square shape.

I love that I am able to capture moments in time.
sometimes it is in just
one shot...
(my favorite picture of Jack flying a kite, printed at Walgreens in the 8" x 8" size)

sometimes it is a special series of pics...
(our Summer trip to Southern California)

sometimes it is a theme...
(like photographing pretty food)

it is a thrill to have my favorite images off of the phone and in my hand!

With our summer photos,
 I made a quick and easy flip book using:

4" x 4" Instagram photos 
(printed at Walgreens, using my App of course!)
wood frames 
(from Michael's and I was beyond thrilled to find them in the 4"x4" size!)
book rings

I did a fast stain of the frames...

stapled the pictures on the back...

attached the rings...

and now we are flipping through the memories...

I then decided to bring my food pictures to life by
attaching the recipe and any special comments onto the back of each...

and displayed them in the kitchen for easy access and for everyone to enjoy...

Thank you Walgreens,
 for help take my photos out of cyberspace!

Oh, and my teenager has now decided to "wallpaper"
one side of her room with her Instagram Printed Photos.
But it is inexpensive and all her own "art", 
how can I argue with that?

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and for more fun ideas for using Instagram Photos,

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  1. Fun post! Love looking at your printed pictures and especially love the frame ring!

  2. I had NO idea you could print instagram photos at Walgreens! Thanks for the tip!


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