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Thursday, June 6, 2013

BRUSHING up our Father's Day Gift

The kids and I have been mulling over ideas on what to get Matt for Father's Day.
We have a lot of silly little gifts for him revolving around the things he loves:
BBQing, cooking, the backyard, etc.

There are a lot of things that he NEEDS too,
stuff that he NEVER buys for himself...
socks, tshirts, boxers...
But those are not really exciting gifts to give.  
We started thinking about how we could make it more fun.
(and I was focused on something EASY and One Stop Shopping!)
My son insisted we get him some sort of "gadget",
(translation:something with batteries or that charges)

He loved the old electric toothbrush he used to have,
I just saw a huge display of Oral-B® electric toothbrushes at Target.
We could fill a gift basket with all the things he needs, get him a fancy new electric toothbrush and
 tie it all together with...

(tag tied with Minty Dental Floss, 
of course...)
and I can get it all at TARGET!

Best of all, I can save up to $25 at Target in-stores, on the endcap in the dental section
 and online at Target.com

Now I just need to decided between 2 great products
(who knew electric toothbrushes could do so much?)

Oral-B® Professional Deep Sweep™ 1000

Removes up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. Its deep-sweep motion sweeps away plaque, keeping your mouth feeling fresh. Jack will be thrilled that it is electric and has a rechargeable brush designed to give you triple-cleaning action.


Oral-B® Professional™ Care 3D White 1000 (only available at Target) 

Helps prevent and reverse gingivitis for a healthier mouth. It is oscillating and cordless to stimulate your gums and help you remove the maximum amount of plaque with less effort. Rechargeable, designed to give you triple-cleaning action. It’s ELECTRIC! 
Wraps around each tooth to clean those hard-to-reach spots.

I don't think we could go wrong with either one...

A great gift for a great Dad because Matt,
"We can't SMILE without you"!

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  1. My husband's terrible about buying the necessities as well ... in fact, he'll be getting socks with his gift this year!


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