Jac o' lyn Murphy: Sailor Bracelets to DYE for!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sailor Bracelets to DYE for!

After their Day on the Bay,
the girls are going to get crafty...

Every Sailor needs a 
Nautical Rope Bracelet...
and they will be custom dying them any way they like!

For a side by side colored bracelet,
mix a  teaspoon full of Hot Pink Dye,
 into a cup of hot water...

then dip...
once desired color is reached,
let bracelet sit for about 30 minutes.
Then rinse only the dyed pink portion in cold water,
 until water runs clear.

Next, mix Navy Dye and dip the other side of bracelet...
and once again, 
let dye set and rinse just the navy side...

Get the kits all ready to go here!

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  1. Its a nice DIY project....i would try this activity for my daughter's birthday party.It will be fun for kids...

  2. You definitely set sail with this fantastic gift/craft!!! Can the grown ups do these too?

    xoxo Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth- I have dyed a million of them for ME! One of every color :)

  3. These are so cute! Love the idea of using dye.

  4. What a great craft to do at a nautical party. Love how you used the boat to label the station.

  5. Love these! Did you make the bracelets yourself? Buy them? Super cute :)


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