Jac o' lyn Murphy: Crude Dude Valentines

Monday, January 31, 2011

Crude Dude Valentines

This is what happens, 
when you take your young son,
 to the Party Store, 
to brainstorm
Valentines ideas...

Stink Bombs...

and Nose Pencil Sharpeners...

These are just for a few select friends...
back to the drawing board for the ones he takes to school!

Available on ETSY

Friends don't let friends give boring Valentines,
even if they are DISGUSTING, OFFENSIVE and HYSTERICAL to a 4th Grader,


  1. Alexis, great ideas once again. My son has a kindred spirit with your son it seems because he LOVED the nose picker valentine.

    I felt I wouldn't have time this year to get good non food valentine's out for the kids this year but with my son's pleaing look I must skip the Fundip valentine's I had picked up at the grocery store and head to the party shop for inspiration as well. I haven't seen the nose picker pencil sharpener there before but I wonder if the bombs would be. My son's nickname within the family is teaser and he loves gag gifts.

  2. LOL - being the mom of three sons this would have been their valentines of choice!! Nice job Jack!
    xo Cathy

  3. You are definitely the coolest mom ever! And only you could package these up to be the "hot" valentine, you know they will be!

    xoxo elizabeth

  4. Where did you find the nose pencil sharpener or stink bonb? LOVE it!

  5. Anonymous,
    I got them at a party store, email me if you want exact location

  6. hehehehehhe... so funny! I love a good practical joke on VDAY! :):)

  7. Mrs. Alexis could you send me them location also here is my email dvinetouch@gmail.com highly appreciate it thank you.

  8. Hi, my daughter and I got such a good laugh out of the nose pencil sharpeners!! She thinks the boys in her class would love them!! She is such a goofball and loves anything to get laugh. I think its such an original idea! thank your kiddo for us! ;>

    1. So glad you got a laugh, aren't they funny?!


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