Jac o' lyn Murphy: Spring Asparagus Coconut Soup with toppers

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Spring Asparagus Coconut Soup with toppers

I've found it!
The perfect soup to make that seasonal transition everyone looks forward to...
Winter to Spring.

I received a copy of The Modern Cook's Year by Anna Jones
and her Asparagus Coconut Soup immediately caught my eye.
Not only did the soup look amazing, but so did the soup toppers.
It is a quick and easy recipe with beautiful fresh ingredients.

I am a firm believer that a soup isn't complete without a topping.
Some of Amanda's suggestions include,
Toasted Coconut...

Crispy Pan Fried White Beans...

and Golden Sesame Seeds...

I couldn't pick one so I used them all...

This recipe is just one of the over 250 in this epic vegetarian cookbook,
that will see you through every season. 

Asparagus and coconut soup
from The Modern Cook's Year
Serves 4
2 Tablespoons butter of coconut oil
1 leek finely chopped
3 3/4 cups asparagus trimmed and cut into 1/2 inch pieces
a small bunch of basil leaves picked, stalks finely chopped
1 1.45 ounce can coconut milk
2 cups vegetable stock
1 lemon

Put a large deep pan over medium-high heat, add the butter and leek and cook for 10 minutes, stirring until the leeks are soft and sweet.

Next, add the asparagus, the basil stalks and the greens and allow to cook for a minute or two, then add the coconut milk and stock and simmer until the asparagus is tender, this should take about 4-5 minutes.

Add the basil leaves and blitz in a blender or in the pan with an immersion blender, until the soup is completely silky smooth.  Squeeze in the lemon juice.

Next, make any adjustments to the soup. Add more water if the soup is too thick, pinch alt if needed, or more lemon.  Once it is tasting great, ladle into bowls and top with suggested toppings if desired.

Topping ideas:
toasted coconut flakes and drizzle of olive oil
little basil leaves and coconut milk
pan crisped white beans and lime zest
toasted sesame seeds

Thank you to ABRAMS Books for sponsoring this post and for sending me an advanced copy of The Modern Cook's Year .  I am part of the ABRAMS Dinner Party so there will be more wonderful recipes to come.

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