Jac o' lyn Murphy: A Toast to the Holidays with Maple Bourbon Eggnog

Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Toast to the Holidays with Maple Bourbon Eggnog

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
There is so much to cherish during the happiest season of all
but I am particularly drawn to traditions.
My family looks forward to those special things we do once a year and
nothing kicks off the holidays like our annual eggnog toast.

Our Eggnog is always Clover Sonoma - they make 4 varieties after all!
They are a third-generation, family-owned and operated dairy.
Everything they make is sourced from a select group of Northern California farmers,
focusing on sustainability, and taking care of the land and the animals.
Clover Sonoma is committed to preserving the farms for years and generations to come.
They are deep rooted in traditions and their Organic Maple Bourbon Eggnog
is based on the founder's recipe.  
It is organic, non-alcoholic (unless you are feeling festive and add your own!) and
the clean ingredients contain no cornstarch or corn syrup.

With one sip, I am instantly transported to the days of Christmas past.
It is creamy and rich with a blend of holiday spices,
a touch of maple sweetness and a dash of bourbon flavor.

Do you know what else our first eggnog toast signifies?
That not only is Santa Claus coming to town, but so is Santa CLO!
Clover’s lovable mascot, Clo the Cow, was also the founder, Gene Beneditti's creation
and is a cherished local celebrity.
She is always happy, clever and the life of the party.
This holiday season, she's ready to celebrate and is taking her show on the road.
She'll be visiting many Bay Area markets for fun photos, samples of
Clover Sonoma Organic Maple Bourbon Eggnog
and opportunities for you to choose which local charities Clover will donate to.

Let it Clo, let it Clo, let it Clo!
You can find out more about Clover Sonoma and their amazing eggnog here.
It is available at many fine retailers like Save Mart, Lucky, Nugget, Oliver’s Markets, Mollie Stone’s, Lunardis, Draegers and New Leaf.

Thank you to Clover Sonoma for sponsoring this post, for your amazing products and the care you take in everything you do.  You are a true Northern California treasure.

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