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Thursday, October 18, 2018

The perfect egg - Korean Home Cooking

My family definitely takes advantage of all of the ethnic cuisines 
that surround us in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We love exploring new foods and learning more about their cultures.
We rarely make Korean food at home, mainly because of a lack of knowledge so I was thrilled to be given an advanced copy of the new Korean Home Cooking cookbook.

It is a beautiful, informative book, full of wonderful recipes.
I had one thing in mind as I first thumbed through my copy however.
I want a foolproof way to make the ultimate soft boiled egg 
to top Asian noodle dishes such as udon and ramen.  
My son and I have always marveled how they are always so perfect in restaurants.
Not too runny because that would be overbearing, not too hard because that wouldn't give the dish the silky, creamy touch that we love so much.
Well... I found the holy grail!

So simple, so pure, so beautiful...

Why does it make me so happy?
This cookbook showed me so many interesting ways not only to use soft boiled eggs, but kimchi and included  techniques and ingredients I was not familiar with but am so excited to try.
It is an amazing culinary excursion without leaving your house.

I suggest a big bowl of noodles topped with an egg as you start your Korean adventure...

The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

Bring a small pot of water to boil.  Gently drop in the eggs and boil for 7 minutes.  Remove the eggs from the pot and cover with cold water, cracking them gently against the side of the pot so that their shells break slightly.  Then get noodles ready, peel eggs and slice to top on ramen or udon.

Thank you to ABRAMS Books for sponsoring this post and for sending me an advanced copy of Korean Home Cooking.  I am party of the ABRAMS Dinner Party so there will be more wonderful recipes to come.

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