Jac o' lyn Murphy: Chinese New Year Lucky Dog Cookies

Monday, February 12, 2018

Chinese New Year Lucky Dog Cookies

Chinese New Year is always a festive, colorful celebration.
2018 is the Year of the Dog 
and I want to make sure it's extra fortunate, lucky and fun with 
Lucky Dog Fortune Cookies...

Nothing pairs better with easy DIY cookies, than a scratch off lottery ticket,
for what could not only be a sweet year, but a lucrative one as well!

To make the cookies you just need:
Fortune Cookies
and a handful of chocolate chips to melt

Draw a simple dog face onto the melt...
(I have the best luck doing a tapping motion to write on the melt as opposed to drawing on it. 
You may need to wipe tip off frequently on a piece of paper
 if you have difficulty getting a clear image.)

Melt chocolate chips...

apply to back of melt like "glue"...

and place on your fortune cookie,  holding for 30 seconds or so until it sets.
You can either do ears up, like a chihuahua or doberman...

or down and floppy like a beagle or bloodhound...

So get those tails wagging...

it's the perfect time for a litter of pups!

I'd love to know your New Year's wishes...
I'm all "ears"...

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