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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Take Care Package

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I knew the day was coming.
My daughter is away at college and she's sick, WITHOUT ME!
As a mom, of course you want to ensure your family is getting the best comfort and care.
To make her feel better, I put together a Take Care Care Package 
so she can have
 a little bit of Mama's bedside manner.
It got me thinking about prioritizing the changing health care needs of my family 
 during this Open Enrollment Health Care period.

My package included:
Tea with ginger, lemon and honey to ease her symptoms and boost her immunity...

Healthy soup and crackers, 
because eating off that cafeteria tray doesn't make anyone feel better...

a mini humidifier to help her breathe easier, help with sore throat and cough
& some lemon essential oil to drop in to clear and hopefully disinfect the air...

and a thermometer, 
because it is something we didn't have on our "pack for college list"!

But my remedies can only do so much.
Of course there will be times she needs to see a doctor.
We are taking advantage of the Open Enrollment period 
to find the best health plan options for us 
and our daughter who is far away.  
My family's needs are much different now than when my children were little 
and there is a lot to consider.
No matter what plan we choose, 
Dignity Health has compiled some very helpful information that can be found here.

Everyone approaches this process differently.
For one, it can be stressful making these important decisions. 
Californians say choosing a health insurance plan is more stressful than paying bills! 
Half say selecting the best health insurance plan is extremely or somewhat stressful. 
Just 39% say this about paying bills and just 24% feel this way about choosing a cell phone plan.

This process is not really looked at as being a lot of fun and can be easy to procrastinate.
7% of Californians would rather get a root canal than research health insurance plans. 46% said they would rather wash the dishes than research insurance plans during open enrollment,  22% would rather go to the DMV and 17% would rather file taxes.

There are so many factors that each family has to consider. 
The right doctor/patient relationship is key to the best care you can get.  
Human connection tops innovation for Californians 
and their health care.   
44% say they want a doctor who listens to them, is engaged and communicates well. 
Outside of their expertise, it is what they seek most when choosing a provider.

If you are considering Open Enrollment take your time, do your research and be healthy.
It is so important for you and those you love.
I always find a trip to the farmers' market is a colorful way to clear my head, 
fill our kitchen with nutritious food, set the stage for a healthy mindset
 and gears me up to tackle daunting tasks.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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