Jac o' lyn Murphy: Party Animal - College Care Package

Friday, September 8, 2017

Party Animal - College Care Package

It is becoming apparent 
that sending my college daughter packages has become my new obsession.
It makes missing her a little easier knowing I have some silly things on the way.
The latest is quite a celebration of our four legged friends.
Here's to all the party animals!

I think the perfect way to say hello from your mama, 
is to start off using a llama...
(and I just happened to buy this wooden Timbergram postcard at my favorite store, 
Alpine Modern, in her college town)

The rest of this boisterously beastly bash in a box includes...

a purr-fect Disco Kitten face mask for looking good on the dance floor...

Coconut-loving Sun Bum Monkey lip balm...

An owl wallet full of quarters for the laundromat, 
because in its infinite wisdom, she knows you need them...

and we hear George was the ultimate party animal!

Everyone needs some wild friends to keep the fiesta going 
and this chocolate almond butter is so good no one would think of leaving...

fĂȘte can take it's toll on your feet 
and band-aids may not be readily available in the dorm.
Snoopy and Woodstock have her and those blisters blisters covered...

Who knew squirrels could be so pretty?
She'll be nuts for this elegant pen while taking class notes.

I couldn't bear to put this gift together without her favorite gummies joining the fun...

And the ultimate party favor?
Being "Set for Life"!

With all of this to keep her entertained, 
I hope she's staying away from those Animal Houses on campus...


  1. Very fun gift box! Love all the mini party hats! Visiting from BFF party.

  2. Whoa! This is awesome! I'm sure your daughter will LOVE it! What a great theme!


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