Jac o' lyn Murphy: Back to School Blues Breakfast

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Back to School Blues Breakfast

It is hard to see Summer come to an end...
I've got a few fun ways 
to battle the
Back to School Blues 
and make getting into the routine a little more bearable.

I say if you can't beat the blues, 
join them.
A quick, healthy yet decadent Blueberry smoothie,
 topped with a pencil straw is the perfect way to start the day.
It has only 4 main ingredients, 
and that simple math is about all I can take in the morning.

Even my son agreed, the #2 pencil straw is #1 for smoothie sipping...

Are you ready for an even faster breakfast that everyone will "love"?
Try a container of my favorite Clover Sonoma Cream at the Top Organic Maple Yogurt
It is such a delicious and happy way to start the day.
The yogurt is creamy, rich and tastes like a combination of the best maple syrup 
with a touch of butterscotch. 
It is perfect paired with a crisp, savory waffle.

And I dare you to find a cuter "on the go" breakfast!

So get excited, with a fun healthy breakfast, 
school will be smoooooth sailing!

Back to School Blues Blueberry Smoothies
makes three 8oz servings

In a blender combine the following until smooth:
1 6 oz. container of vanilla or blueberry yogurt (Clover Sonoma Cream on the Top is by far my favorite, it has elevated our smoothies to a whole new level!)
1 1/2 cups blueberries (we usually use frozen)
1 banana chopped
1 cup of milk (you can use any type of milk you like)
1 cup ice
1/4 cup water

To make the Pencil Straws, 
I used gold paper straws and topped with pink and silver washi tape, 
 to resemble the eraser and metal portion.

Happy Sipping!

Thank you to Clover Sonoma for not only making amazing, locally sourced, non GMO, organic products but supplying me with their yogurts for this post. And I always Shop Back to School at Target.com

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