Jac o' lyn Murphy: Taco Valentines

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Taco Valentines

It only happens every six or seven years...
the epic collision of Valentine's Day and Taco Tuesday!
What better way to celebrate, than with 
"I love you more than Tacos" cards?
Make them for a special someone or the whole class and turn the day into a fiesta...

You just need a few simple supplies...

Punch out a circle from yellow paper,
(I used textured for a more authentic corn look)
then bend slightly to make a taco shape...
(I like to use a Sharpie pen to curve it around)

Drizzle clear drying glue
inside your taco shell and add your lettuce 
(green crinkled paper or cut thin strips of paper)...

Then punch out tomatoes from red paper, 
and glue on top of your lettuce...

Lastly, use snips of orange embroidery floss, yarn, ribbon 
or paper to make your cheese...

Adhere to your card with glue or double sided tape...
Taco 'bout a fun, fresh, delicious card!!!

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