Jac o' lyn Murphy: Farmers' Market Bag Essentials

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Farmers' Market Bag Essentials

If you follow me on Instagram
you know how much I love Farmers' Markets.
Not only am I addicted to the amazing produce, vibrant colors and enthusiastic merchants,
I have a few essential items I can't go without and always keep in my straw tote...

I take a lot of pictures on my phone and post up a storm on my Instagram stories.
My mini-pineapple portable charger is a paramount, power source...

I usually go to the farmers' market rain or shine 
and to make sure my lips are protected from the elements, it's eos lip balm  to the rescue...
There are so many fruity, minty flavors, it is hard to just take one.

I always want to have fresh breath, especially while chatting it up with farmers 
and sampling an array of produce.
Bright orange tic tacs are easy to spot in my bag and are a great pallet cleanser!

Roaming the market is hard work, 
my favorite glass water bottle depicting the infamous SFMOMA Living Wall,
is the best way to quench my thrist.

Let's face it, organic produce can be dirty
 and sweet, juicy fruit can leave your hands sticky.
I just say Yes to Coconut and these amazing wipes to clean up quickly...

It isn't any fun to handle the harvest with dry hands.
Berry blossom lotion is the perfect portable way to keep you ultra smooth.

and sunscreen is always a good idea...

Lastly, my farmers' market fashion tip?
Converse and chard are the perfect pairing.

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