Jac o' lyn Murphy: 5 fun things to do in Los Angeles - mostly with food!

Friday, October 28, 2016

5 fun things to do in Los Angeles - mostly with food!

Fall has set in and I'm finding myself longing for the easy, breezy, sunny vibes of summer.
Since it is always summer-like in LA,
I wanted to share our favorite spots around the city of Angels.

1. Head to Pasadena for a meal at Lincoln

I grew up in this charming town that is the home of the Rose Bowl. 
My parents still live there and when I frequently saw Lincoln's stunning food 
and amazing venue on Instagram I was totally intrigued....

Our breakfast was wonderful and
can we talk about the natural light streaming in and graphic tile tables?
A dream!

and so are the baked goods.
Go early, be hungry and enjoy...

2. See The Conan O'Brien Show and have lunch at The Smokehouse

Let me just tell you, after our day at The Conan O'Brien Show I am totally #TeamCoco...
I was incredibly impressed with our experience.
We got our tickets on-line a few weeks prior and headed to Burbank the day of the show.
We arrived promptly for the check-in time and were thrilled to find out that they are first come, first served.  They give you a number upon check in to hold your place in line, then you are free to leave for lunch and come back just before show time. Very organized, extremely friendly and professional.

The Smokehouse is an epic, iconic old Hollywood jewel.
It is close to the Warner Brothers Studios and like stepping back in time.
Dark walls, red banquets, leather menus and waiters in crisp white shirts and black ties.
You'll want to stay all day and eat their infamous cheese bread and sip martinis but you can just as easily have a nice lunch while you kill time before the show.

We couldn't take pictures during the show but we ended up in the first row
and could practically touch Conan as he gave is monologue.
He is gracious, hilarious and smart. His show was such a treat.

3. Have lunch at Philippe's

We didn't really go to downtown Los Angeles much when I was a kid, but when we did we went to Philippe's.  It started in 1908 and they were the originator of The French Dipped Sandwich.  
It's no frills, there is sawdust on the floor and you'll eat alongside LAPD officers, 
Beverly Hills socialites and hipsters.  

The "double dip" is by far the sandwich to order
and scoops potato and macaroni salad on the side are a must.
Unfortunately I didn't get too many pictures because I was heckled by an older couple.
Once she said to her husband, "Look, Harry she's got her sandwich in the air"
then he yelled, "It tastes better on the table."
 I decided I should just sit down and eat!

My son was such a fan, he wore his Philippe's shirt proudly the rest of the summer...

4. Venture into LA's Art District and to the infamous Polka Dot Wall at The Springs

I'm addicted to finding painted wall murals.  I love how they can liven up an otherwise ho-hum building and turn it into a show stopper.  
The Polka Dot Wall is in the back of The Springs, 
which is an amazing space to eat, have a meeting, do yoga, have a massage or just hang out.

The wall as a background makes anything and everything look great 
and it is just so colorfully fun...

and then behind a pile of boxes ready for recycling we found a honey bear...

and a yoga, smoothie loving ape...

We really could have chilled out there forever...

This eclectic downtown landmark, 
started in 1917 and brings together all of the cuisines and cultures of LA.  
It is not only a culinary feast, it will have your senses in overload.  
The neon signs, the wonderful smells, the hustle and bustle.  
You won't know where to look or eat first!

They have it all, and you can't go wrong with whatever you choose...

One last secret... Head back to Pasadena and go to Pie 'N Burger

I mean with a name like that, need I say more?

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