Jac o' lyn Murphy: Father's Day Centerpieces

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Father's Day Centerpieces

There is nothing Dad wants more on Father's Day 
than a necktie and a round of golf, right?
Well, roll them both up into centerpieces and he'll be thrilled!

Of course you'll wish him a Happy Father's Day...

and tell him he's #1...

You'll want to honor Grandpa too...

and wether you call him Dad, Daddy or Pops, 
you'll be covered.

To make the golf centerpieces, 
you can adhere these Father's Day stickers to flags and tie to dowels.
Then place in potted wheat grass or your favorite arrangement.

The tie centerpiece is simply an inexpensive boy's clip on tie,
 with a dowel placed in the knot on the back and nestled into potted rosemary.

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