Jac o' lyn Murphy: Chocolate Mint Pi Day Pies

Friday, March 11, 2016

Chocolate Mint Pi Day Pies

Pi Day is March 14th...
A day to celebrate that long crazy number and its delicious homophone, 

Well, these mini chocolate mint treats we made have a 
"surPIEze", that is only revealed after you devour your dessert...

an embossed pie tin bottom.

They are so simple to make and you can customize with any shape or message.
I started with mini graham cracker crust pie shells from the grocery store...

Then carefully turned the pie tin upside down, put a heart sticker on the bottom 
 and traced around it with a ball point pen.
Use enough force when tracing to etch into the aluminum, but not go all the way through...

After they eat their pie,
they will find the love...

Once I etched the tins, 
I filled them with slightly softened chocolate ice cream...

and topped with a fresh mint heart.
(DIY here)
What a great way to say,
Pie love you!


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