Jac o' lyn Murphy: All Smiles for Homecoming Weekend

Thursday, September 3, 2015

All Smiles for Homecoming Weekend

The time has come, 
I'm going back to college.
Well, at least for the weekend...
I've got a big reunion coming up at my alma mater.
It will be a trip full of old friends, in my favorite college town
with a big, spirited football game and lots of reminiscing.

My college years were some of the best times I've ever had.
When I look back, all I see are smiles...

Lots of smiles...

I want to look and feel just as youthful and bright as I did way back then.
Since your smile is the first thing people notice,
 I want to make sure pearly whites are all my friends see.

So I'm brushing up my beauty routine and polishing up my teeth...

Not only does it aid in the prevention of cavities and gingivitis, 
its whitening technologies are so advanced they can’t be combined into a single tube. 
Step 1 deep cleans and step 2 is a whitening finisher. 

The best part is it turns a typically mundane task into a treat.
It makes my mouth feel so clean and fresh and I'm thrilled with the brilliant results.
Ok, now that my teeth look so good, 
what am I going to wear???
Maybe my smile is all they will notice.

A polished STYLE starts with a polished SMILE 
Refine your beauty and fashion routine - then flaunt it! 
How do you you #GetPolished?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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