Jac o' lyn Murphy: Summer tie dye- it's all in the method

Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer tie dye- it's all in the method

The carefree feel of Summer is in the air.
Fresh fruit, cold drinks, vibrant colors - FUN.

We are ditching our boring white napkins and swirling up bold tie dye, 
to enjoy all season long.
Perfect for wiping the watermelon juice off your fingers in style...

Tie dying is a favorite of mine.
I love that you never know exactly how it is going to turn out and 
that no two creations are ever the same.

We used napkins for our swirl technique but it works for
 t-shirts, tablecloths, dish towels -
anything you want to liven up.

Prepare your colorful dye baths according to package instructions,
then gather rubber bands, clothes pins or clips and fabric

for best results pre-wash your fabric,
and for amazing results use method.
Your whites will be super white and ready to soak up that dye!

Clip the center...

and start to turn the clip so the fabric "swirls" around it...

continue until it is all wrapped, 
you may need to guide the outside with your hands...

then secure the circumference with a rubber band 

Remove clip, place another rubber band around the middle 
and you are ready to dip one side in the dye.
Keep in bath until color is achieved 
(watch for bleeding up the fabric).
You want the first color to stop about where the rubber band is...

Set aside - let first color set a few minutes and prevent dripping, 
then dip in other side.
For our effect we left a thin strip of white/non-dyed in the middle

If you can stand the suspense,
wait an hour to unveil your masterpiece.

snip the rubber bands and unravel...

You will want to keep your napkins bright and wash away those fun Summer snack stains,
a cold wash in a separate load of method detergent is all you need...
(if you wash prior to use, wait at least 8 hours or so after dying)

My only method for laundry? method!
The bold, colorful and sleek packaging just makes me smile.
If I am going to take time away from all the Summer fun, 
you better believe I am going to "clean happy".
It is the only detergent in a fully transparent and recyclable  bottle - how cool is that?
The easy to grip and compact bottle, tackles 66 loads of laundry - 
4x concentrated = 4x less going to the store for more detergent 
Not only is it great pre and post tie dye,
 but it keeps all of our clothes bright, white and the smell is fabulous.

method and ASOS have collaborated for "loads" of Summer Style.
They've mixed ASOS's passion for trend-forward, effortless, modern clothes and 
method's desire to help you care for your clothes with their planet-friendly detergents.
Check out their playful and vibrant collection here

method would love to give you $3 off your online purchase.  
use the code THREEFORME on their website here

Clean Happy and have a groovy Summer

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  1. How beautiful this came out! Best wishes, Linda at Crafts a la mode


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