Jac o' lyn Murphy: Camp Kevin - An Outdoorsman's Birthday

Monday, March 30, 2015

Camp Kevin - An Outdoorsman's Birthday

As an avid adventure seeker and outdoorsman, 
Camp Kevin was the perfect 50th Birthday Party Theme.

Lanterns lit the way to the casual, yet elegant,
"flip flop encouraged" festivities...

Copious Canoes and Candlelight in every corner...

with a burst of beautiful on the rustic mantle...

Plenty of provisions for all the campers...

and fabulous favors in anticipation of "Gearing Up" 
for the ride toward the next 50...
(because what if you are stuck in the wild without a bottle opener!?)

Lastly, personal notes with good wishes for the birthday boy...

What do you think his best friend Lucy had to say?

He may be another year older, 
but wiser???

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  1. You are the most creative lady! Love your ideas & styling!


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