Friday, February 14, 2014

Where is the love? last minute Valentine scramble...

Earlier this week my kids asked where all the Valentine's decorations were.
When they were little I decked the halls with hearts and love.
This year - nada.

For the last few weeks, 
I have been in full "Valentine's mode", filling Etsy orders and working on projects for others,
but our house was bare and I had nothing for my sweeties.
With local stores pillaged of all red, pink and heart candy,
(and I hate buying that junk any way)
I decided to give my kids what they really want...
(and what was easy for me!)

I know it shouldn't be true, but when you are a teenager, it is all about the $$


and thanks to Wayfair's awesome craft supplies at ALT,
I was able to decorate the front door before they got home from school!
(Mom of the year)

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