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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bridal Shower Crafts

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For me, Bridal Shower planning is not complete,
until there are fun, silly crafts in the spirit of the happy nuptials to come...

nothing gets the party started like big thick rolls of toilet paper
(toilet paper wedding dress game, anyone?)

The challenge for this party was to have everyone make the loveliest bouquet possible out of
 toilet paper and a few simple craft supplies.
The bouquets will be used for the bridal party
and for bathroom decor at the Wedding Rehearsal.

These are so easy to make and 
 to personalize with subtle rhinestones and a few craft store accent flowers.

To make one flower
we used
4 squares of Cottonelle Triple Roll toilet paper and wire 

1. stack one square on top of the other
2. accordion fold the paper
3. secure in the middle with the wire, leaving one side of the wire long to be the "stem"

4. round the edges for a pretty petal effect
(or cutting into a point looks great too)
5. separate and "fluff" the layers until desired flower look is achieved
6. make as many as you would like and twist all "stems" together to make your bouquet

and who knew a roll of Cottonelle could be such a great vase for our bouquets?

And after pulling out one flower and adding a little foliage,
the Groomsmen Toilet Paper Boutonnieres 
were born...

The crafting continued with something to accessorize with...
the Floral Toilet Paper Cuff Bracelet!

We used:
plastic candy molds
a mixture of 3/4 Mod Podge to 1/4 water
Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper

Just dip a few squares of toilet paper into the mixture and saturate
then squeeze out excess and place in mold
Repeat until bottom of mold is covered
(but don't do too many layers or it will never dry!)

Keep in mold for about 2 hours 
(and we put out into the sun)
then carefully take out of mold by pressing gently on the plastic.
Let flower dry at least 8 hours.

The cuff was made by cutting lengthwise through a
Cottonelle Triple Roll holder, 
then cutting width-wise in the center to create 2 cuffs.
A little gold spray paint and hot glueing the flower right on top and you are finished

The best part of all these crafts,
might be that if you shed a tear during the wedding festivities,
you can use your bouquet to wipe them away!

Whether you are crafting or stocking up on paper goods,
Cottonelle and Target are offering a free box of Kleenex, while supply lasts,
 with a purchase of Cottonelle Triple Roll.
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  1. Such beautiful creativity from toilet paper. So impressive! Move over toilet paper wedding dress game!

  2. How fun--and the little mold! You'd never guess it's tp :)


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