Jac o' lyn Murphy: Licensed to Spill in Half Moon Bay

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Licensed to Spill in Half Moon Bay

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Half Moon Bay is one of the prettiest places on the California Coast.
It is known for breath-taking scenery, gorgeous beaches, great food, a little fog, 
 and their World Famous Pumpkin Festival...

My son and I headed to the 43rd Annual Art and Pumpkin Festival last weekend
and not only did we enjoy everything the event had to offer we also were given
What does carpeting have to do with a Pumpkin Festival?
Well, there were so many fun things going on at the
we spent most of the day there!

There were celebrities and the BetterTV crew
(If you know me at all,  
you are well aware of my love of celebrity sitings and reality tv)

of Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight

San Francisco Chef Ryan Scott 

They were all so nice and personable, I was in heaven "mingling".

There was amazing food.
Ryan Scott's fabulous Gourmet Sloppy Joes...

and then there was the Mohawk Carpet...

The carpet in our house is in dire need of replacement.
There are stains, there are well traveled, heavy traffic areas that never stay clean and 
then there was the "kneepad incident".  
We still talk about the night my daughter came home from a late volleyball practice and 
while taking off her knee pad, threw it across the room and hit my Diet Coke off of the side table. 
The glass broke, the drink spilled and there are still hints of it on the rug.
So I was very intrigued to learn about Mohawk Carpet's SmartStrand and 
its permanent stain and soil resistance. 
It is different than other treated carpets because SmartStrand will never wear off, 
it is not applied topically, it is built into the carpet fiber.

Jack was more interested in having full "license" to get the carpets as dirty as he could...

I had him saturate the carpet sample with Soy Sauce and Red Wine 
to emulate what we are calling,
"Dinner gone Bad"...


 and with just a little bit of water,
the stains came right off.
No carpet cleaner, no harsh chemicals, no more worries...

I mean look at that!

But The Monster Mash 
would really show the SmartStand's stain strength...

Throughout the day, the Mohawk staff let kids go wild to 
make the carpeted stage as dirty as they could.
It was pummeled with fruit, 
squirted with chocolate and drenched with blue Powerade...

then the big blue machine came out,
it was filled with water and just a little mild detergent...

 just a few times over the stains and they vanished...

Not only are SmartStrand's stain resistance and easy clean up amazing,
 the carpet is gorgeous.
It is soft, it is cozy, it is luxurious...

For a chance to win a 6'x9' bound 

Mohawk is the world's largest flooring manufacturer and 
sells its beautiful products through retail partners. 
To learn more about Mohawk follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

 And of course, we could not leave Half Moon Bay without a pumpkin or ten...

What a fun day.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun event. Loved seeing all the pictures!


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