Jac o' lyn Murphy: Oh Mickey you're so fine...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh Mickey you're so fine...

Oh Mickey...

We are packed!

Just in time for our trip to Disneyland,
I found vintage Mickey Mouse Lunch Sacks (circa the 1970s) in my mother's cupboard!
(and yes, I used to have my lunches packed in them)

I will be at the Happiest Place on Earth for a few days and 
I will be back to blogging on Monday.
Wish me luck and check out the craziness on Instagram and Twitter!

Tatertots and Jello, Six Sisters


  1. OMG. OMG!!! I'm crying right now... I used to have these lunch bags as kid. I have not seen bags like this in 20 years!!!! What memories these lunch bags bring back to me. and now we call these bags " vintage", my heart aches a bit. I remember as little girl writing my name on these Mickey lunch bags. Do you remember the Mickey telephone, too??? What found memories, thank you.

  2. Really? In your mom's cupboard? Wow - you were one o the lucky ones. I always wanted the Mickey bags but only got plain brown paper:( I hope you enjoyed your time at the happiest place! Have a safe trip back!


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