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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Otter Regatta

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Our family has loved 
Otter Pops for a looong time.
They were a fun treat for me as a kid, 
my husband gobbled them down during the HOT summers of his childhood in Arizona and 
our local elementary school mascot is Ollie the Otter so they are at every event!

I am helping with a party for a new crop of Otters,
entering elementary school in the fall.
What better introduction than a festive day with Otter Pops!

I decided to put togther an
Otter Regatta...

there is nothing better on a summer day than an Otter Pop.
Ice cold, bursting with flavor, bright colors and 
did you know that each one is a different Pop Star?

For the big boat race event,
each child picked their favorite character/color by researching them on the awesome site,

We met each member of the Otter Pop Band, 
watched their music videos and checked out other fun activities.

We used wooden boat sets and decorated with the appropriate colored sail 
then cut their images right off the box! 

And believe me, with so many interesting characters, it was not easy to pick a favorite!

Full Name: Louie-Bloo Raspberry
Instrument: Upright Bass

Louie is a Jazz poet whose book of verse The Sweet Raspberry of Yesterday and Other Poems has been translated into twelve languages including Beaver and Cockatiel. Originally from New Otterleans, Louie met the Otter PopStars when they were just a band of street musicians playing for clams and rocks outside "Café Le Bloo" - the spot where Louie does his best writing. Their music touched him so deeply that he put down his pen, grabbed his upright bass and immediately joined in the fun. A friend to nature and all it's creatures, Louie can often be found cultivating his window box garden of purple snap dragons and bandaging up the bite marks on his fingers. 

Full Name: Sir Isaac Lime
Instrument: Piano

Sir Isaac is a renowned British scientist and visiting professor at the prestigious Otterdam Institute. He became the keyboardist for the Otter PopStars after joining the other otters for an impromptu after-hours jam session at the Whisker A Go-Go. Sir Isaac is a seasoned concert pianist who has been "tickling the ivories" since the age of four. "I believe that music is an expression of the harmonic vibrations of the cosmos," says Sir Isaac, "And those who think otherwise are just silly."

Full Name: Little Orphan Orange
Instrument: Vocals
Lil grew up in an orphanage in the backwaters of Lake Erie. Literally. There she learned the importance of self-reliance and a positive attitude when facing life's hardships. Lil's big break came when her outstanding voice and plucky, street-smart spirit made her the winner of the Otter PopStars' nationwide Talent Search. "I'm just happy to be one of life's little creatures," says Lil, "The chance to share my joy with the world is more than I ever dreamed of." Talk about being Otternally grateful. 

Full Name: Poncho Punch
Instrument: Guitar/Vocals

Poncho has been delighting audiences with his guitar-playing and Latin charm since his first guest appearance on the Mexican soap opera, Fruta De Pasíon. He became a world-wide sensation when his debut solo album went platinum virtually overnight. Poncho continued his rise to super-stardom after forming the Otter PopStars, and is now the object of admiration for millions of fans both young and old. Besides his commitments in the music world, Poncho is the spokesman for several charities and is currently developing a line of comfortable sleep-wear. 

Full Name: Strawberry Short Kook
Instrument: Drums/Vocals

For her eighth birthday, Kook received a toy drum set from her parents, who were looking for a way to keep her from wrecking the pots and pans and their last nerve. When the neighbors complained about the noise, Kook took her drums to the beach and played on the boardwalk. She was such an amazing drummer that soon everyone in town was asking, "Have you seen that crazy Kook?" "Si," said Poncho Punch, and together they formed the Otter PopStars. Despite her demure appearance, Kook is in peak physical condition, practicing both Tai Chi and non-fat frozen Yoga. 

and my personal favorite...
Full Name: Alexander the Grape
Instrument: Triangle
Alexander is the beloved host of the public television programGreat Moments in Otter History. Alexander is an expert at trivia, speaks over nine hundred languages and knows the origin of every figure of speech currently in use. When the Otter PopStars appeared on his show, Alexander was convinced their music was "history in the making" and was overjoyed when he was given the opportunity to join the group as their triangle player. 

Who will win the Regatta?
I don't think you could go wrong with any of them!

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  1. Re-gatta do that again! What a "cool" idea! YOU are AMAZING Alexis!

  2. Ha ha oh my gosh, I was smiling the whole time I read this post. So cute! I too love Otter pops, so tasty on a hot summer day.


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