Jac o' lyn Murphy: A Gaggle of Gingham for a Bridal Bash

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Gaggle of Gingham for a Bridal Bash

Dan and Abby's Michigan Wedding
will be a beautiful, upscale family picnic,
 that perfectly reflects the couples' simple elegance.

His Aunts wanted to mimic that in the bridal shower
 they are hosting, a few days before the big event...

Dan's large, jovial Irish family,
still has a hard time with his "adult name" Dan.
There are just too many crazy stories 
about him from childhood,
 for them to ever call him anything but Danny...

As Abby opens her gifts, 
they will each share their favorite story about the groom.
They will all be recorded and given to the couple as a gift...
maybe a warning for their own "little Danny" one day??

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  1. The fans are a WONDERFUL idea! Very creative! The bride will learn a lot that day!

  2. Very cute invitations. I love the idea of having guests share stories about the groom as their gifts are opened. It should make for a very fun party.


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